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Awareness Apparel to Start Conversations. Keep Talking;
Stop Stigma is the semi-private apparel line started by Jennifer Dean a.k.a Miss Tea Maven.  Stop Stigma was started as an effort to spread awareness of suicide, depression, and mental health through visual apparel and products.

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My mental health has impacted my life for as long as I can remember. I've attempted suicide twice, I self-harm and have been living with anorexia and hypergymnasia for the past 4 years.

At first, I was ashamed and embarrassed, and I felt that I was different from everyone else. I was extremely lonely, with no support system. There was no one that I felt comfortable to turn to for help. I couldn't understand why I was so different from everyone else, and why I just couldn't be "normal". Little did I know that nearly one in five people experience different levels of mental health issues. I am nowhere near alone in my mental health struggle. I felt desperate to find support if only there was some way to visually see others having the same problems with their mental health, the same struggles. If I could see who else might understand what I went through and have moral support from people going through the tough times as well, we all wouldn’t feel so alone.

That's why I wanted to create "Stop Stigma". Using the universal symbol of the semicolon for suicide, depression, and mental health, I wanted to come up with a way (besides tattooing your body) that people could use to identify as someone who is living, or has lived, a mental illness.

By creating an apparel company, you can pick and choose the days where you would like to be transparent about your mental health struggles. Using apparel allows people to support their friends, family or teammates fight with mental illness in a very visual way, help create networks of support in the derby community, and spread awareness about mental health issues.

My hope is that one day no one has to feel stigmatized, ashamed, or embarrassed that they are living with their internal demons, whatever they may be. Talk to one another openly, and mental illnesses can be so much easier to treat. Stop the Stigma!

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